Stainless Steel Gates

I have been building stainless steel gates for many years.  A well designed and built stainless gate will make your front of the house look great.  It is easy to get one from a hardware shop but to get one that stands out looks attractive really needs a nice design and layout and have it built and installed smartly.

Stainless Steel Gate – Pricing

To get a price for a gate I need to visit your location and measure up properly and talk to you about what sort of stainless steel gate you need.  I weld all of these from scratch and it is important for me to understand the style you like.  Get in touch and I will be glad to show you examples of other gates I have built down through the years and this will help you perhaps decide the gate you need.

I have been based in Cork based welder for many years.  If you need a quote for a gate I am 100% sure I  can create the gate that will transform your entrance.

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Advantages of Stainless Steel Gates

The majority of homes gates now are stainless steel as they are much more durable.  Stainless steel gates last years and are practically maintenance free once the gate is put in place.

Although cast iron is still seen a lot you need to invest time in maintenance especially with Irish weather to paint, maintain.  All too often I see very nice cast iron gates that look shoddy due to lack of said maintenance.  Their stainless steel gate counterparts have no such problem.

Stainless Steel Gates for Businesses

If your business needs a secure reliable gate then this sie something we would be also delighted to quote.  Size and quantity isn’t an issue as I have the welding tools for all sizes of jobs from the above home projects to a larger gate.

Many Cork and Munster businesses down through the years now have my gates.  Get in touch and I will share both examples and references to show you the type of stainless gates for business I have built.